What’s the difference between the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and other methods of NFP?

The Creighton Model is an ovulation method or a “mucus only” method. It involves the standardized tracking of the primary biomarkers of fertility, namely cervical mucus. It does not involve taking one’s temperature, doing internal examinations of the cervix, or using costly hormone monitors. The biomarkers are observed only during one’s regular bathroom visits – before and after using the toilet or bathing. Your FertilityCare Practitioner will instruct you in exactly how to observe, describe, and chart the biomarkers using a standardized and detailed recording system. You will be able to interpret the fertility of any given day based on your observations, regardless of cycle regularity. This is a prospective method – there is no predicting future fertility based on past cycles. You will also be able to monitor your own reproductive health and, if necessary, share this information with a doctor who is trained in this method and can use your chart as a helpful diagnostic and treatment tool for infertility or other menstrual health issues (PMS, unusual bleeding, painful periods, etc.).

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