How effective is Creighton for achieving pregnancy?

Couples of normal fertility have a 76% chance of achieving pregnancy in the first cycle of using fertile days for intercourse. This number increases to 90% by the third cycle, and 98% in the sixth cycle.

For couples struggling with infertility/subfertility, up to 40% will achieve a pregnancy using the Creighton Model and fertility-focused intercourse and up to 80% will achieve a pregnancy using the Creighton Model and NaProTechnology medical treatment. It is important to recognize that these success rates vary depending on the underlying cause of infertility, and that the success rates after medical treatment are the rates of success within 18 months of treatment. The Creighton Model does not offer a “quick fix.” It will require your time, energy, and patience but hopefully you will see it as an important investment in your future and long-term health. For more information on the success rates of NaProTechnology based on the underlying issue, including a comparison to IVF success rates, visit the national home page of NaProTechnology.

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