Do I need to switch to a NaPro doctor or can I still see my own doctor?

You should continue to see your own doctor as long as you are comfortable with him/her. Your use of the Creighton Model System will empower you to be a more active patient in your doctor’s office and give you valuable information to share with him/her. Should you have a reason to seek NaProTechnology treatment (for infertility or other menstrual health concerns), you may consult with one of our NaProTechnology medical professionals about those specific issues while still working with your own doctor for your primary care. Your FertilityCare Practitioner can explain this further and make recommendations based on your situation and location. Of course if it works with your current health insurance situation and you would like to switch to Dr. Kloess or Dr. Lucas as your primary care provider, you are more than welcome! If you are looking for a primary care doctor in your insurance network that is open to and supportive of your use of the Creighton Model, please ask your FertilityCare Practitioner if they have any recommendations.

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