Infertility Solutions

Infertility is not a disease; it is a symptom of an underlying problem.

Until 1978, most of the effort in medicine in evaluating and treating women with infertility was placed in trying to identify and treat the underlying causes.  In 1978, in vitro fertilization (IVF) produced a paradigm shift in which medical professionals started to bypass the search for the causes of infertility, and this continues to be the foundational management approach.  In essence, this is a symptomatic or “Band-Aid” approach to treatment, not one that gets to the root causes. Artificial reproductive technologies avoid looking for the causes and often jump right into artificial procreative techniques. These artificial techniques separate the action of love from the action of creating life.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System allows women to monitor and record the biomarkers of their fertility health in an objective and standardized fashion. Use of the Creighton Model has led to important new insights into the many problems that face couples with infertility. Over the last 25 years, a new reproductive science called NaProTechnology has been developed out of the research done with the Creighton Model System. NaProTechnology uses one’s medical, surgical, and allied health information in a way that is cooperative with the natural procreative systems. It finds the organic and/or hormonal, root cause of infertility and treats it. By treating the disease, fertility is restored.

If you are suffering from infertility, we invite you to learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. Your FertilityCare Practitioner will help you to observe and track your fertility signs. For some couples struggling with infertility, the use of charting and fertility-focused intercourse may be very effective. For other couples, charting combined with NaProTechnology medical testing and treatment will be necessary.  After you have charted your cycles to obtain an accurate record of your fertility biomarkers for at least two months, you will meet for an initial consultation with one of our FertilityCare Medical Consultants. A Medical Consultant will review your charting and be able to use that information as an important part of the diagnostic process and he or she can order tests and treatments that are appropriately timed for your cycles.